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Indonesia Java International Destination

Indonesia Java International Destination
Indonesia Java International Destination, meaning Java island is one of International tourist destination located in Indonesia.

In this article, I will discuss the island of Java which is a leading tourist destination or in this case we call Indonesia Java International Destination other than the island of Bali.

Java, Popular Destination of Travel to Indonesia

Java, Popular Destination of Travel to Indonesia
Java, or Jawa is the most densely populated in Indonesia and a popular destination of travel to Indonesia or like before, we call it Indonesia Java International Destination. Covers the area of 132,000 square km and inhabited by 114 million make Java (or Jawa in Indonesian language) is the most densely populated in Indonesia.

Java island divided into 5 provinces and 2 special regions including the special capital city district Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Therefore, make Java island as the centers of Indonesian economy and the politics of Indonesia.

Java is located in a chain of islands with Sumatra to the northwest, Bali to the east, Borneo to the northeast and Christmas Island to the south. It is the world's 13th largest island.

the gunung bromo volcano on java island

Java is almost entirely of volcanic origin. This is an island arc of a set of volcanoes that grow above a subduction zone. The volcanoes grow from the sea floor to many thousands of feet above sea level. In the case of Java the volcanoes have coalesced to form a large single island.

There are some of volcanoes waiting for your to explore: Mt. Gede ? Pangrango and the Krakatau volcano in West Java, Mt. Merapi in Central Java and the Mt. Semeru ? Bromo in East Java. You can do various trips on this island, from tours of adventure in Indonesia to Indonesia wildlife tours.

Indonesia Java International Destination include the city of Yogyakarta, a massive pyramid-like monument to Buddhism known as Borobudur, and Prambanan, the largest Hindu temple in Java.

Yogyakarta, The Indonesia Java International Destination

Yogyakarta, The Indonesia Java International Destination

Yogyakarta (or sometimes people call it Jogjakarta, Jogja, etc), is one of the largest cities in Central Java. The airport is accesible by daily flights from Jakarta, Bali and other major cities in Indonesia as well as International flights from Singapore and Malaysia.

We invite you to the visit Yogyakarta, the center of Javanese Arts & Cultures and one of Indonesia's most important centers of learning and of course Yogyakarta is the Indonesia Java International Destination. Here's you can visit the Kraton, Royal Palace of the Sultan (Javanese King) where Javanese traditional music Gamelan and Ramayana Ballet are regularly performed. During the free program, during the free program, you explore around the long main street Jalan Malioboro, a great place to practice your bargaining skills before you enter the higher quality Batik workshops and enjoying the night life.

The Borobudur Temple on Java Island - Indonesia

We will also visit Borobudur Temple, one of the world wonders, located about 42 kilometers in the north of Yogyakarta. This largest Buddhist shrine in the world stands majestically and serene on a hilltop-overlooking lush green fields and distant hills. Built in the 8th century, made of gray andesite stone, the basic structure it consists of ten terraces each smaller than the one bellow it, rising to the Great Stupa on the top standing about forty meters above the ground. The walls on the lower six square levels are sculptured in the life of Buddha, extending over the length of six kilometers, it is the most complete ensemble of Buddhist relief in the world. Also visit to the nearby Mendut temple and Muntilan as the center of the andesite stone carving.

We will not skip the visit the Prambanan Temple. Prambanan is the Hindu counterpart of Borobudur built by the 10th century Mataram Kingdom, a mighty empire covering a large part of Indonesia. The remains of a complex of a dozen candis spread over the Prambanan Plain 50 exist but the focus of restoration has been the central complex originally fortified by a series of walled enclosures containing 232 temples. In the evening, we will attend a special theatre for Ramayana Ballet performed under the full moon with the floodlit Prambanan temple as a back drop.

Our Indonesia travel tour in Central Java will also take you to walk among steaming sulphur spouts and mountain mists in Dieng Plateau. The plateau is the caldera of an exploded volcano which the original seventh century Hindu inhabitants called "Dieng" meaning "the abode of the gods" because of its proximity to the elements. It makes a refreshing stroll to wander around the scattered temples, sulphur springs and mineral lakes in the cool mountain air of Dieng Plateau.

That's Yogyakarta the Indonesia Java International Destination.

What are you waiting for?
Come and visit Indonesia Java International Destination.

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